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Dental care for diabetic patients

If you suffer from diabetes, you should know that you can have periodontal diseases, cavities and candidiasis. This time we will tell you what you have to do to have a better teeth hygiene.

But, what is diabetes?

It is a disease that impede you to have a regular blood circulation system, this means that you have too much sugar in your blood, which obstructs the movement of blood around the body. This is why all kind of wounds take a long time to heal.

What dental diseases are related to diabetes?

1. Xerostomia

This is disease is related to dehydration, this means that patients has dry mouths due to no saliva production. This can make you have cavities, and difficulty to speak and eat.

2. Cavities

It is call that way the destruction of the dental tissues, due to acids produced by the bacteria under the dental surface. Cavities can be caused by many causes, one of them is the excess of sugar and salt consume, that is why it is related to diabetes.

3. Candidiasis and fungal infections

It is a common fungal infection, it causes white and painful plaques in the tongue. The injuries can bleed when you scrape them with a toothbrush, it can affect the gums, tonsils, the palete, and the throat.

4. Gingivitis and periodontitis

Gingivitis is a gums disease, that can transform into a periodontal disease if is not treated in time. Consist in inflammation and bleeding gums.

Prevention measures

Oral Hygiene

No matter the time, this is global rule, because we need to have healthy teeth to be better. Dentist always recommend to wash your teeth three times a day, and to use also dental floss, and mouthwash. If you have questions you can be guided by one of our dentists.

Stay hydrated

Water is essential to have a better dental health, because it is sugar free and is a great way to clean our system toxins, and bacterias. This means that our system works better and eliminate substances that we do not need.

Avoid sugar at any cost

Sugar and salt can be terrible for someone with diabetes. A person without this disease can suffer from cavities and candidiasis, but for a patient with diabetes is even worse. Eat healthy food, full of nutrients to stay with energy. Ask your doctor what nutrients you need.

Health review appointments

Most of the people do at least two revisions per year, but when you have a disease, you may need more, depending on your case. You new to see a dentist every time you notice something different, sometimes the disease can be unpleasant, sometimes you will not feel nothing. But to be sure, check your mouth, your tongue and teeth closely. Stay in contact with your dentist.

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