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Dry socket: Risk and prevention

dry socket happens when the clot that forms where a tooth was extracted gets dislodged or dissolved. This means the bone could be in contact with drinks, food and air in your mouth. That’s not a very pleasant sensation and if not looked after, it could even lead to infection. But don’t worry, not everyone develops this problem and there are certain preventive actions you can take to reduce the risk of getting a dry socket after a tooth extraction.

Some of the factors that could predispose a patient to get a dry socket are smoking, the continuous use of certain oral contraceptive pills, and pericoronitis (or some other infectious gum disease). It is very important to address these points with your dentists before your surgery. The dentist should give you a clear guideline of the cleaning routine you must follow while the socket heals. It is essential to follow these indications step by step or you will have a higher risk to develop harmful bacteria.

In our case, we are always making sure everything is fine with our patients after an extraction (either for wisdom tooth or dental implants). We will call them to their hotel or cellphone to ask how they doing the day after and keep in touch with them if they have any discomfort or additional question. Our priority is making sure you will be on top condition by the time you go back home, and even then we will send you emails or talk through the phone for the follow ups.

And additional suggestion on any type of dental extraction is to avoid using drinking straws (for the suction) and also avoid rinsing your mouth too much. Stay away from crunchy food and rice.

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