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Nutrition and Oral Health

It is common to talk about foods that we should NOT eat to have a beautiful smile, but we hardly ever listen about the foods that help us maintain it healthy. That’s why we made this list, to show you the vitamins and minerals that will help you prevent oral diseases, and in what foods you can find them:

Vitamin D

This vitamin will help you absorb much needed calcium for your bones. Is not commonly known, but a deficit of vitamin D can lead to burning mouth syndrome (dryness, metallic taste, burning sensation). Vitamin D sources include fish, egg yolks, milk and healthy amount of sunlight (always avoid staying too long under sun without sunscreen to protect yourself against UV rays and skin diseases).

Vitamin C

Make sure to get enough vitamin C to prevent bleeding gums (scurvy) and other complications. While most animals can synthesize their own vitamin C, human bodies must get them from their food. Make sure to eat crucifeorus vegetables (Kale, broccoli and brussels), as well as sweet peppers and, of course, oranges. Keep juices to a minimum for the same reasons stated on our previous article.

Vitamin B12

Also known as riboflavin is important for the blood. Low levels of B12 can mean anemia and also affect the nervous system. In the case or oral health, deficit of B12 can also provoke mouth sores. Eat enough fish, liver, chicken, red meats to get your recommended daily doses.


It might be surprising, but lack of niacin can cause canker sores and bad breath! Chicken and tuna are the best sources of niacin.


Iron is used for many things in your body, and its deficiency could cause mouth sores, tongue inflammation and anemia. Good sources of iron include nuts, bran cereals and red meat.


Last but not least, calcium should be one of the most important elements on your diet if you want to keep your oral health, specially for women entering menopause or who are pregnant. With age, the chance of the developing osteoporosis increases so it’s essential to keep your bones with enough calcium to prevent losing your teeth too quickly.