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Sensitivity Teeth: One of the most common dental problems

Sensitivity Teeth is one of the most common dental problems just behind cavities. Eating hot or cold food or liquids can unleash a sharp pain on your teeth. While the reaction to some of these stimuli are normal, if you constantly have trouble with the sensitivity of your teeth, you might have a dental problem that your dentists need to address.

But, why does it hurt in the first place? Well, the teeth have several layers that are made of different materials: the enamel (strongest outlayer with no no nerves), the dentin (the filling in your teeth that has nerves ending in it) and the pulp (the core that has nerves and blood vessels). For its part, the root of the tooth is made of minerals and dentin.

The dental enamel serve to protect the inner dentine and nerves from temperature changes. You may now understand why the sensitivity of your teeth increases if tooth enamel or dentine are damaged. There are two main reasons for this situation:

Dental wear: This is the second most common cause. Wear is a natural process but when is faster than normal and your enamel is lost, your body does not have enough natural mechanisms to protect the teeth. Therefore, the teeth are damaged very soon and you can suffer dental sensitivity. Some examples of tooth wear are bruxism, abrasion (due to aggressive brushing) or erosion (chemical wear such as drinking).

Cavities: Dental caries can also cause tooth hypersensitivity as it causes the destruction of dental enamel and exposes the dentine, causing acute pain when the tooth in question comes into contact with cold, heat, or some food.

You can also get some level of sensitivity after a dental whitening because the chemicals used would affect the enamel on the surface. Also, you will need to get great care of your dental crowns because when teeth are prepared for porcelain crowns, they are reduced to the dentine and need the porcelain cap for protection.

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