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The fear of anesthesia

There are many fears in your daily life, like coulrofobia, claustrophobia, fear of diseases, and many others, but in a dental consulting room, you can also face others fears.

Some patients are afraid of needles, bacterias, to talk with their dentist, afraid of having an accident, and also of anesthesia. But why are many people so afraid? It appears from an imaginary feeling of dying after losing consciousness, patients think they are not going to open their eyes because of the effects.

People are also scared that their dentist loses control over the procedure, that is why the anesthesia is associated with a “temporary death” by some people, but what most of them do not know is that every dental procedure is supervised.

Some people also think that anesthesia does not work in the same way with them, this is the consequence of a failed procedure in the past.

We use local anesthesia and sedation dentistry, we do not put the patient to sleep, because we keep patients awake, so they can follow instructions. At the end of the procedure the patient can not be able remember what happened during the procedure, but they will feel really better.

Here are some tips for your visit to the dentist:

  1. Do not feel ashamed to tell your dentist about your fear of anesthesia, they will understand you.
  2. We recommend you to make an appointment in the morning, and schedule other activites, and here in Cozumel we have many. How about a day in the beach? Or how about visit Mexican markets for souvenirs?
  3. Talk to your dentist if you can listen to relaxing music during the procedure.
  4. Bring a company with you, it can be your partner or your family. They will need to help you to take you back to the hotel.
  5. And at last but not least, remember all the food you will finally eat again, and in this trip to Mexico, you will be able to taste delicious tacos, spicy food and sea fishes of all kind. And when you return back home you will have a shiny and happy smile.

It is our duty to offer the best dental treatment. Our clinic counts with the highest-quality instruments in the dental market, and we have the friendliest and most prepared staff.