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The sky beach in Cozumel

The Sky Beach is a sand bank located 800 meters away from the Cozumel shores. It is called Sky because of its beauty, and clear water, where you can see the starfishes in the bottom of the sea. You can travel there in a boat or in a catamaran.

It is a unique experience that you can not find in any other place. The water is clean and turquoise, and in the deepest of the sea, you will appreciate a variety of fishes of different sizes and colors, echinoderms, stingrays, turtles, starfishes, and birds.

This is one the of the favorite destinies of the tourists who visits the island of Cozumel. This a place that you can really enjoy with company.

This a magic tour offered by many travel agencies in the ferry when you just arrive to Cozumel.

Some tourist guides includes fruit, drinks and snacks. The boat trips are in charge of a captain. The guide will take care you while you are swimming.

You can also hire guides in the Chankanaab Park, in the pier of the Lake of Columbia, and in the Palancar Beach.

In the Sky Beach you can do snorkel or swim in the deep sea, but you are not allow to touch the starfishes, because they can die. The island preserves all kind of species and animals.

It is important to bring your own ecologic sunscreen to prevent sun burns. And you also need to remember the last schedules of the ferry, if not, you will have to stay just for one more night in the island.