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How to get rid of yellow teeth?

Have you notice that your teeth turned yellow and you don’t know why? Don’t worry, it’s not necessarily a sign of poor hygiene but it’s very important to find out the reason and how to prevent futures dental diseases.

There are many factors that contribute to tooth color and it doesn’t mean something bad or wrong in our dental health for example:

AGEING: Your teeth become yellow as you age because the protective enamel layer becomes thinner.

GENETICS: Genetic variances can affect tooth color and enamel porosity.

YOUR DIET: If your teeth are stained yellow, it might be because of foods such as coffee and tea, red wine, curries, tomato sauces, berries, soy sauce, balsamic vinegar, beetroot, among others. There are other foods and drinks which, although they don’t cause staining themselves, contain acids that eat away at your tooth enamel.

MEDICATION OR ILLNESS: Some antibiotics and certain illnesses can affect the color of teeth.

But if you notice a yellow buildup on your teeth, it’s probably plaque. Plaque forms when bacteria from food and drink particles aren’t cleaned properly from your teeth. Over time, plaque hardens to form tartar, which can only be removed by a dentist.

However, there are many options you can take to have a whitening of teeth, depending on your budget, the results you want, and how quickly you want to see a difference.

The most effective way to make yellow teeth white is to visit your dentist for professional whitening, you can get results in a single visit.

Besides if you have any crooked, chipped or loose tooth, the best solution could be crowns or veneers according to the case to change the overall size, shape and color of your smile. Your doctor will tell you what’s options might be available for you.

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