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Would you try these toothpastes?

We are used to going to the dental care aisle on the supermarket and have a wide range of toothpastes to pick. You will find the traditional white toothpaste as well as one with sparkles for the kids, one with fluor/gel/whitening paste, full whitening, etc. But you would have never thought about finding these toothpastes!

Let’s start with the tasty one that surely you would love to try.

Bacon toothpaste: I was really surprised to learn there was a bacon flavored toothpaste but at the same time, is it really that surprising? Bacon flavored-anything is always a bit hit, specially for meat-lovers. Many times we are not satisfied with the aftertaste of regular paste but this is certainly something I would give a try.

Chocolate toothpaste: We start getting into the sweet territory! There are few different versions of this, some have only the flavor, while other pastes actually have an extract of cocoa beans, the main ingredient for chocolate because, surprisingly, cocoa powder has been shown to be more effective than fluoride to protect your teeth against cavities! Sadly, chocolate also have a good amount of sugar so we just wished it was more widely then.

Ice Cream toothpaste.:This one is for the kids. As well as with many other kids pastes, this one was made thinking on providing kids with an incentive to wash their teeth. We believe the only real problem from this would be to make sure the children are not eating up all the paste!

Seaweed toothpaste: Compared to the previous options, this doesn’t sound too appealing, but you might want to reconsider. This particular option is still in development. It is not made exactly out of seaweed but from certain enzyme from seaweed microbes that can supposedly reach into places your toothbrush can’t and remove bacteria from plaque. We hope the research bring a lot more data!

Black toothpaste: Maybe you have already seen the videos for this on your Facebook feed. This should not be a surprise, but the striking jet-black color certainly catches our attention. The black toothpaste in the market right now are made with charcoal, but not any charcoal which works as an abrasive to whiten your teeth. We must warn you, though, that you should always consult with your dentist first before trying any type of whitening paste because they can be harsh on the enamel on your teeth and end up with more dental problems than a stained smile.